Fanta Guaraná

Three vertical films for the launch of Fanta Guaraná.

Direction and Art Direction: Caco Neves
Advertising agency: Mutato
Photography: Cassia Tabatini
Costume design: Jana Rosa
Motion design: Mão Ambrosio
Graphic design: Bruno Oliveira Santos
Soundtrack: TDL Music

Film 1: Date Gone Wrong

Fanta Guaraná: Date gone wrong from Caco Neves on Vimeo.

Film 2: Crush Affairs

Fanta Guaraná: Crush affairs from Caco Neves on Vimeo.

Film 3: Family Sundays

Fanta Guaraná: Family Sundays from Caco Neves on Vimeo.


Film 1

Film 2

Film 3

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles